Linear Cross Belt Sorting System

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Linear cross belt sorter is driven by a motor through a chain to drive belt carts which carry parcels. After the scanning system obtains the chute and size information, it trigger the diverting mechanism at the chute through PLC demands to make the belts of trolleys move in the sorting direction one by one, so as to deliver the package to the chute and achieve the purpose of sorting packages.

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Linear Cross Belt Sorting System (1)

Sorting Efficiency

Sorting efficiency calculation

Cart pitch is about 150mm, and the control system will match the optimal number of belt sorting according to the different sizes of parcels, so as to achieve the purpose of max efficiency.

Taking the conveying speed of 1.5m/s as an example, 36,000 belt carts can be driven per hour.

Then, based on the parcel size of 450mm (3 belts) and the parcel spacing of 750mm (5 belts), the max hourly efficiency is about: 36,000/5=7200 pieces/hour.

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Technical Parameters

Item Parameters
Conveying width 1000mm
Conveying speed 1.5m/s
Sorting efficiency 7200PPH
Max sorting size 1500X800(LXW)
Max sorting weight 50kg
Chute width 2400-2500mm
Min spacing between parcels 300mm

Technical Advantages

1.High sorting efficiency. Since the corresponding number of belt carts can be matched according to the parcel size ,the conveying capacity of the line can be fully utilized to achieve the purpose of efficient sorting.

2.It is applicable to a wide range of packages. Belt carts are almost seamless connected, which can be used for almost all shapes of packages except the round pieces.

3.Flexible and non-impact sorting. In the whole sorting process, there is no violence such as mechanical flapping or throwing. Thus minimize damage to the package.

4.The grid can be continuously configured on both sides to improve the utilization rate of the site.

Linear Cross Belt Sorting System (3)

Features of Linear cross belt sorter

1. In terms of solution floor space, Linear cross belt sorter is much smaller but for small to medium sized logistics and express industries with the storage area limited , the linear cross belt sorter is a good solution to this problem.

2. In addition, linear sorting is more efficient, usually up to 18,000 PPH, with an accuracy rate of 99.99%, and normally tens of thousands PPH efficiency with 1-3 man power can meet this sorting throughput, saving labor cost and making it easy to operate.

3. Linear cross belt sorting system supports automatic code scanning, weighing and measurement, saving sorting and management costs, with stable performance and flexible configuration.

4. Simple operation of loading parcels, configuration can be manually loading and automatic parcel induction. Unloading directly into the telescopic belt machine, to avoid manual handling saving time and effort, and with high efficiency.

5.Linear cross belt sorter can be customized based on the size, the number of intelligent carts, induction table and the size of the chute for automatic parcel dropping. Support inbound and outbound express and e-commerce warehouse sorting and transport.

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