Parcel Matrix Sorting System

Short Description:

Matrix automated sortation system is composed of 2 or multi layers belt conveyor machine to achieve the sorting. Reduce labor cost and increase the throughput.

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Working Flow

Parcels are fed into DWS system by the telescopic machine. After barcode was identified, the package is pushed to the middle line and/or the lower line along the straight chute or spiral chute by the sorting equipment such as the swing arm or roller diverter according to the chute information.

Matrix sorting system has the characteristics of being applicable to wide range of parcels and strong mechanical reliability. At the same time, it can adopt two or three layer three-dimensional layout, so it can keep high efficiency and greatly save the site area. 

Our company is committed to the development of the two-layer, three-layer and other multi-layer matrix sorting system, and has its own unique mechanical and electrical control experience in reducing the rate of parcel sorting error, package damage and other aspects

One of the purposes of establishing automatic sorting system is to reduce the use of personnel, reduce the labor intensity of employees and improve the efficiency of personnel. Therefore, the automatic sorting system can minimize the use of personnel and basically achieve unmanned operation.

The development of the e-commerce and express industry is changing rapidly and the requirements for sorting systems are gradually improving with the times. With the huge number of sorting systems in courier and e-commerce logistics centers, the intersection and binding of parcel information, barcode information and sorting information, as well as the connection and interaction between WMS and MES systems and equipment, the coordinated operation of the whole control system requires a mature and intelligent sorting mode to meet the development requirements of the industry.

Innovation advantage

1. Diverter wheel sorting module can achieve high speed sorting of parcels in a small space.

2. Automatic sorting and sequencing system to achieve automatic sorting of parcels on the conveyor.

3. 360 degree automatic barcode reading system and fast synchronous input method for distribution center sorting equipment to achieve fast binding of information such as barcode, size and weight of conveyors.

4. Make use of B2C distribution center information management system WMS to sorting first and then review parcel packing to form 2 logical sorting systems from 1 circular conveyor line.

5. Multi-functional unloading and conveying systems are matched with intelligent matrix sorting

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